Friday, January 13, 2006

My Creed as a Manager

I am not a manager (though I was one in another life). And this isn't really my creed, it's an adaptation of the table found in Cranston. But it's a pretty good starting point, it seems to me.

Leadership and Culture
  • I will retain only successes from the now and past.
  • I will rely on community attitudes and values determine what is best for all.
  • I will encourage multiple shared leadership distributed through wider communities.
  • I will encourage vigorous debate of all policies, particularly by those implementing them.
  • I will value and reward difference and diversity in thinking, attitudes and ideas
  • I will foster quality, intellect, leadership, challenge, forward thinking and new mind-sets
  • I will encourage radical ideas that depart from past practices that improve outcomes.
  • I will focus on strategic policy development only, while local community developed policies take precedence.
  • I will encourage communities to schools challenge the centre's policies if they are inappropriate for their community
  • I will enable communities to determine all operational matters that affect them
  • I will encourage more rapid implementation of policy priorities
  • I will recognize community differences and accommodate them in policy development.
Relationships and accountability
  • The purpose of my work is to add to the value of work in the communities
  • Innovative ideas are welcomed and supported from everywhere, especially from individuals and their communities
  • Communities hold clear accountabilities for outcomes, because they have control over the resources that matter
  • Community determined social justice and equity priorities are embraced and funded
  • Communities hold accountability for funding of schools
  • Communities in collaboration with the centre determine appropriate accountabilities.
  • I will support a bottom-up global approach to budgeting adopted system-wide
  • Community needs are funded first; funding for the bureaucracy follows, if, and as, it is needed
  • Communities determine the on-going viability and operation of operations
  • Communities (individual and clusters) hold control (and accountability) for their human resources
  • The best salaries and perks are awarded to people in the commuties (as allocated by the communities)
  • Staffing is characterised by performance and quality.
Cranston is mostly talking about schools and administrations; I have replaced this with references to individuals and communities (which may be organizational units, informal communities, or whatever). The model holds, and, I think, holds up quite well.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Mulroney's Revenge...

the breakup of Canada...

A Harper government, like the Bush and Mulroney governments, will use tax cuts for the rich, and irrational defence spending to bankrupt the federal treasury and impoverish future Canadian generations so they won't be able to rebuild the social safety net even if they want to. A Harper government, like the Bush and Mulroney governments, will sell off the federal government's assets to corporate friends at obscene discounts, and deregulate us into a laissez-faire nightmare where corporatist social and environmental destruction will spiral untrammeled and out of control. Even under the weakened Liberals this has already begun.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Well I toasted my website (*sigh*) and while I wait for someone to go in an apply the fire extinguisher to my web server I'm doing other things, like reading my email.

Reading my email takes a while because it's so distracting. For example, I've spent the last hour or so lingering over my beta invite to Newsvine, a citizen journalism website that looks like it has some legs.

Anyhow, here is the first article I wrote for the service, a throw-away about predictions in the Canadian election. I'm pretty impressed with the service, and if they can manage to display articles fairly (my new item did not appear on the front page for some reason, only on 'world') the adevrtising revenue portends a second career.

OK, maybe not. But I like dreaming that it does.